Fake login in order not to sign up

In addition to fake IP codes, fake news, fake geographical positions, fake email accounts, etc., fake registrations are also available on the net.

If you do not want to sign up to a site, which forces you to do so just to get access, you can try to see if there is already a public account previously registered by someone who had the same wish of anonymity.

These sites store public passwords

If you need to temporarily enter a certain site and do not want to risk receiving advertising e-mails, you can use them freely.

Just enter the name of the desired site in a specific box and check if there are already available public passwords.
If they do not yet exist, the site invites you to create one and share it, with the precaution of using a fake email of course, created only for forced registration.

Because of general rules of BugMeNot it is not possible to register some categories of commercial sites.
For example, pay-per-view sites, sites at risk of fraud like banks, online sales, sites that require a subscription, etc. are blocked.

Maybe you do not understand the usefulness of this service, since in any case you are not exempt from using the password, but only guarantees anonymity.
Perhaps some users may find a specific advantage.