Watch internet on TV

Televisions with built-in predisposition (smart TV)

Connect the TV with an Ethernet network cable
Follow the instructions of the TV


Televisions without predisposition

  • Solution 1
    Connect the PC to the TV via an HDMI cable and follow the computer's instructions

  • Solution 2
    Buy the Google Chromecast device,

    Pay attention: other similar devices are sold at a lower price (but we have not tested them),
    connect the product to the TV's HDMI socket and an electrical outlet.

    Chromecast 2.0 receives the internet signal via WiFi
    Chromecast 3rd generation receives signal via WiFi
    Chromecast Ultra, allows you to watch 4k movie, receive the signal via WiFi or via Ethernet cable

    If you do not have a TV capable of broadcasting 4K movies, you may not need to buy Chromecast Ultra.