Free Streaming and Low Cost Subscriptions

Various international circuits are available to watch football matches, films and TV series on demand.
The choice has become very wide.
They are streamed, in your favourite language and often you have the possibility to see them also in the original language, with subtitles.


Streaming allows you to listen and watch broadcasts or movies as the signal arrives on your computer or TV without waiting for a complete download and without saving anything.
Those watching streaming broadcasts not only have a technical advantage but also a legal one.
In fact, generally the laws in force prohibit the downloading of films and football matches, but do not take into account unsaved streaming broadcasts on the receiving device.
Therefore the streaming broadcasting without copyright authorization in some countries is legal or in any case it is an activity that is not clearly prohibited by law.
See also chapter Copyright, what do you risk
Streamed broadcasts can be classified according to the cost to the user.

Free. Coverage of transmission costs with displayed advertisements.
There are many sites that broadcast movies and football matches with this method.
Generally the legal problem is not for those watching the broadcast, but for those who transmit it.
Often these sites are obscured because considered illegal, generally the servers are located in countries with permissive laws about the copyright.


Another problem that arises with these sites is that some want to maximize advertising revenue and open burst windows, which cannot be closed immediately and annoy the user too much.
In many cases, those who make this experience remain disappointed with the offer.

Low cost subscription.
For example Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play.
They are accessible from computers, smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs.
The advantage of these circuits is to pay a small monthly amount (about 8 Euro) and to be able to stop the subscription at any time, without notice.

These sites are completely legal and respect copyright.
Often, the same subscription is valid for several countries in the world, but movies available can change from one country to another.

Pay per view.
Small cost to see high quality films, generally not yet visible on sites offering films by  subscription.
The cost of these films generally ranges from 2 to 5 euros each, so a lower price than what you would pay by going to the cinema. Moreover, in this case, the price paid allows you to show the movie to the whole family.
These sites are also completely legal and respect copyright.