Download images and videos without authorization

With a special program can I download photos and videos even without any password?

Years ago it was possible to download the contents of the published websites illegally but without difficulty.
You could download movies, images, texts, pdf and data files bypassing all permissions.
There were small programs, even free that allowed these actions.


With current servers, firewalls, anti-hacker and anti-virus protections, these actions have become almost impossible.

If you want to penetrate a system equipped with modern technologies and download the data you have few options:

  • You need to know passwords, this is sometimes the most sure-fire method
  • Have the possibility of introducing a Trojan horse into the system and taking control of the system
  • Discover a bug in the protection code and be able to overcome the barriers.

It is not totally impossible, but the technology is now based on increasingly tested and tested operating systems, so even the super experts are less likely to find bugs to steal data.

In the movies, experienced hackers who exceed the barriers and enter the information systems of large banks or global organizations are just a myth of the past.