Share a fake position of your phone

As already explained in another chapter Share the smartphone physical position. Maps
it is easy to communicate your position to relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, customers you have to meet for work, etc. temporarily or permanently.


The system is based on the function of sharing the location with Google Maps, once the link is created, you send the references through any communication method: WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Facebook, email or even telephone message.

Sharing can be done on a temporary basis with an expiration of time, hours, days or a specific date, but it can also be permanent.
In any case it is possible to block the connection at any time with a simple click.

Although sharing can be rejected or blocked in a simple and straightforward way, someone could serve to demonstrate that they are in a different location than shown on Google Maps.


We do not want to list and even think about why a person should make it appear to be in a different place than the real one.
Many years ago there was a paid postal service to send postcards from exotic places to relatives and acquaintances.
Perhaps simply to make a joke to friends, however, everyone is free to manage their private life.

Activation is very simple, the operating principle of this program is based on the VPN.
You do not need to know how it works or what a VPN is for, but if you want some more clarification you can read this chapter: VPN program to simulate being in another country.

After you have shared your position with an acquaintance, to show that you are in a different location, install an App created for this purpose. Then choose your false position on a map.

Enter the App Store of your phone
Search Fake GPS Location
There are several Apps that basically do the same thing.
The most downloaded ones are Lexa, Dgsmartstudio, IncorporateApps, Hola, ElectroTex.

They are all free in the basic version, but sometimes there are advertisements.