VPN program to simulate being in another country

To better understand the operation of this category of programs we make a simple and short introduction.
The acronym VPN means Virtual Private Network, that is a private network connected through a public internet network.

An example of a private network is a company network (LAN) that connects all the computers in the same company, with the VPN you can connect in a private way many computers that can be physically located anywhere in the world.


In other words, the VPN allows these computers to communicate with each other in a private way by means of an encrypted protocol that uses the public network.

VPN is used by companies to communicate between different locations.
On the other hand, private individuals can use the VPN to surf not only securely but also anonymously and simulate a fake geographic location.

Simply put, a private individual with a VPN could be in a London apartment and make believe that he's in a New York office.
From London to New York the communication would travel on a private network, in New York it enters the public network and shows up with the IP address of that server.

There are free VPNs and paid VPNs.

Free VPNs can be used by individuals for occasional purposes or experiences, they generally have limited transmission speeds and a very low amount of traffic (about 500 MB per month).
They are useful to circumvent the constraints of geographical blocks, but not always to maintain anonymity on the network, because they often live by profiling of users.

Many television broadcasts (for example Netflix) have, however, implemented a blocking system for all users who use the VPN. That is, for reasons of distribution licenses, they do not want the users to state that they are in a different country than the real one.


Paid VPNs are useful for companies. For private individuals, it is necessary to evaluate the reason why they want to use this service.
The cost of a paid VPN is generally a few euros a month.
If you are abroad and you want to watch television programs that are transmitted via web only within national borders, sometimes you can solve your problem.
If you plan to use the VPN only to save your subscription to some service that is already available in your country, it may not be convenient.

At this link you can find an updated list of free and paid VPNs.