Deep Web, Dark Web, secret navigation with TOR

Not all of the internet is indexed and visible to anyone.
There is a world separated from the visible, because hidden to search engines.

This hidden world, commonly called the Deep Web, is composed of everything that is not indexed by search engines.


The deep web contains closed networks, where you have to log in with passwords, like private chats and forums, corporate networks, but also from the Dark Web, a public network that wants to remain hidden to operate without being controlled by anyone.

The dark web does not contain only illegal activities, but those who attend it have a strong motivation to remain totally anonymous.

If you have the desire to browse the Dark Web, you cannot do it with a normal browser, you have to use a specific one for this type of navigation.
The browser you can use to browse the dark web is TOR (The Onion Router),, it is a modified version of Mozilla Firefox and is free.

TOR allows to hide the identity of all users, with a technique of bouncing IP addresses for connections on nodes (servers) located in various parts of the world.


This does not mean that those who use TOR are certainly committed to illegal trafficking, there can be different motivations. For example, TOR is also used by political dissenters of totalitarian regimes and by journalists who want to access that kind of information.

The purpose of this guide is also to inform you that the nature of TOR makes it a breeding ground for any kind of malware and all sorts of scams.
I advise you to use a separate and independent device (computer, tablet or smartphone) to avoid the risk of data loss due to malware and to preserve your privacy in the most complete way.
Also, with the TOR-dedicated device, do not connect with intranets to other computers, never use Google to search online, do not activate Javascript, do not install extensions, do not use Flash or Silverlight.

Even the dark web has its own search engines, to let its users communicate.

Hidden Wiki
Onion URL Repository

which of course are not reachable from a normal browser, but only from TOR.
The addresses of the dark web sites have the domain name with the .onion extension.

If you are only interested in curiosity and want to stay in a safe environment, with a normal browser you can see some partial view of these directories with