See History of Visited Places and Delete Maps History

When geolocation is active and when the network signal is active, all the places you visit and the routes you make are recorded in the smartphone memory.
Maps-> Settings-> Google Geolocation-> Location History


This means in the history of Maps you can review the list of the places you visited and the routes made from the beginning.
For example, you can read exactly the route you made and the places you were on November 13th, four years earlier.
Excellent system not to lose the memory of anything you do.
But sometimes you may not want this invasion of privacy.

To delete some visited places or the whole history of Maps:
Maps-> Settings-> Google Geolocation -> History-> manage history
Follow the instructions for how to delete data.

Attention, other Apps may have access to Google Geolocation, check which ones are in
Maps-> Settings-> Google Geolocation-> Location Access.