Incognito windows and Content blocking in browsers

Incognito (anonymous) window
Now suppose that the browser history is an occasional problem for you, that is, you only rarely visit sites that you do not want to keep in chronology and hide from other people who have access to your device.


Talking about not recording the visited sites in chronology, we often think about pornographic sites.
There could also be that, but there are also several other reasons.

Incognito window also means preventing cookies from using the information collected on your searches and presenting a series of advertisements in the following days based on the searches made.
The incognito window can solve several issues in many other cases. For example, if you are looking for information about a medicine, or an illness, or just a gift that you would like to keep secret, if you are doing an operation with your bank and you want to strengthen data privacy, if for your work you want do a research that must remain very confidential.


In all the cases described above it is convenient to use the incognito window method.
All browsers have this function.
The principle is very simple.
The browser settings remain the standard settings, nothing needs to be configured.
From the browser menu, open New Incognito Window.
Navigation made within this window:

  • does not save address and content page, search, cookies, temporary files
  • on the other hand it saves addresses put in bookmarks and files downloaded

An icon at the top of the address always indicates if the incognito window is active.
Warning: incognito surfing does not hide all traces of the web surfing.
Your employer and your internet service provider could keep a record of the pages visited.

Contents Blocking
This function is also known as anti-tracking protection. Its purpose is to prevent the collection of activities by means of cookies or code during online browsing.
For example, the data used to send targeted advertising according to the user's habits.

It is correct remember anyway that the information collected with cookies and code, if they comply with the law, are only of a statistical nature and cannot identify the individual user.

The incognito window can be opened with or without content blocking.
You can deactivate this option at any time.
An icon at the top, near the address, always indicates if the content block is active..