How to delete the history of visited sites

Browsers keep track of all sites you visit, store description, address, page content, visit date and keep this history for months.


Very useful function when you want to go back to visit again a page already seen previously.
However, we often do not realize that this recording could be uncomfortable or embarrassing if we lend our computer or smartphone to a friend or family member.

For example, if you are searching for a present to give to your girlfriend or you have visited a site with content that you do not want to be seen by any of those who can access your device, you can delete a part or the entire history.

  • Solution 1
    Click on Menu-> History-> Delete Recent History
    Choose options and delete
  • Solution 2
    Click on Menu-> History-> View History
    Select the lines you want to delete -> right click -> delete
  • Solution 3
    In a preventive way you can browse the sites without being recorded in the history.
    See Lesson 23-0 Use Incognito windows in browsers.
  • Solution 4
    By the Settings you can delete the history automatically every time you close the browser. In this way there is no trace of the sites that have been visited.