Antivirus for Apple systems.

MacOS operating systems created by Apple are partly proprietary (copyrighted) and partly free (open source).
MacOS is based on Unix technology and was completely rewritten in 2001 compared to previous versions, although it has kept the same name.


The strategy of basing the operating system on Unix technology was a decisive solution because it allowed all Apple systems to be very stable, flexible in growth and very secure.

Security in operating systems has helped a lot to grow the image of Apple in different sectors.

Apple has continued this security policy and has developed numerous services that guarantee stability, privacy and growth flexibility.
For example, the following services are available

  • data encryption functions, immediate total deletion of files,
  • native technologies that block the execution of malware that could tamper with memory,
  • warnings that allow you to choose whether to open or to trash an executable file received with email (in this case, however, it is your choice)

In the light of the above, the MacOS operating system and the Apple Safari browser are very safe and reliable, so they do not need to install any antivirus.