Antivirus, antimalware for Android

Android has its own antivirus provided, the various versions of the operating system may have slightly different menu, but it is not difficult to find.
Settings -> System Applications -> Security


On a general technical level it must be taken into account that Android originates from a derivation of Linux, therefore it belongs to the Unix family too.
So the considerations already made in Lesson 14-0 Antivirus for Unix, Linux, Ubuntu, Android are valid.

As far as it is discussed on the net, the most common opinion of the technicians is that you do not need to add any antivirus if you use the Android smartphone in a normal environment, maybe things can change if you want to browse the Dark Web, but perhaps you would need specific tools to prevent unwanted attacks.

In practice, in the dark web it would be better to operate with an operating system totally separated from the archives we want to protect.
See also Lesson 31-0 Deep Web, Dark Web, secret browsing with TOR.