Use of two-step verification (double key)

One method that makes access to your data safer is that of the double key
and is increasingly used by numerous online programs.


To activate this method, you must first accept the double-key option in the password menu of your profile and supply the number of your cell phone.
After setting the double key, the authentication procedure takes place as follows.

  • The user identifies himself with User Name and Password in the Login window.
  • The system sends a new 4 or 6-digit numeric code by SMS to the telephone number previously provided.
  • To access your data you must enter the numeric code provided by the system.
  • Sometimes you can set the way in which you can access again the same device, for a certain period (example 30 days) the authorization by SMS is not required.

Who can not access your phone, can not see your data.
Method also used by many debit cards and credit cards.

If you lose or do not have your phone with you, you may find it difficult to access your data because you need to start recovery password.
The system is useful only if you have 2 devices, for example desktop and smartphone..