Why do you must keep secret (private) some parts of your computer?

  • If other people can access your computer
  • If you want to more easily prevent the risk of installing viruses or unwanted programs

There are many ways to prevent other people or programs from accessing your confidential data.


Reserved user on PC
It is preferable to create a completely separate section, one for each user, or one for each purpose of use.
Create a new user account on your computer, for example RRRX, dedicated only for the purpose of:

  • Visit sites at risk of virus contamination.
    If there should be a malware attack in most cases the infected area remains in the RRRX account.
    Furthermore, if the RRRX user does not have administrator privileges, the system does not allow any installation of executable programs.
  • Visit sites that you want to keep private, for example: porn sites, download and view videos and photos.
  • Do not worry about deleting private sites in your browser history
    Warning: a skilled person with the ability to physically access your computer could still see the contents of your saved files.
    For example, it would be sufficient to access your disk through another operating system.
    However, this means that the skilled person must have the possibility to manipulate the hardware of your computer.

Password protected files
Files can be encrypted or protected upon opening with secret passwords.
See the specific chapters that explain this option.


Confidential user on smartphone
Android does not provide the function to have two users (accounts) on the same phone, but you can install an App for this purpose.
See chapter explaining this option.

Iphone does not allow you to have two users on the same phone, because Iphone is considered a strictly personal tool.