Security, tips and tricks for PCs, smartphones, tablets

Applicable to Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Android, Apple systems.

Do you want to understand the risks of the web to avoid mistakes and scams?
Do you have to block unsolicited phone calls and find out who they come from?
Are you trying to understand and get suggestions on how to exploit the full potential of your smartphone?


In this guide we show you several smartphone and PC functions that often remain unused by most users.

The smartphone is not just for facebook and selfie, there are great possibilities of practical use to facilitate everyday life, but in many cases we do not know.

Are you looking for tips and tricks to see photos and movies on your phone, tablet, PC?

Want to know how to download free from websites and watch photos, videos or movies, sports events, football games, without problems?

Very often it can be done even without registration.
It is not difficult and in most cases it is also legal.
Other times, some sites allow you to download movies without having copyrights and those who do should be aware that they are violating the law.

For these reasons it is advisable to devote some attention to what you do and be informed to avoid risks and dangers.


The aim of this guide is to be readable by everyone, young and old, with and without computer skills.
A little at a time we show you everything, in a simple way, even if you know little about the technique of computers and telephones.
You must have only a little patience and a willingness to learn.

Start storing this site in the "bookmarks bar" to easily reconnect whenever you need it.

  • Store in bookmarks

    --- With desktop
    -> Right click on the browser menu line at the top
    -> activate Bookmarks bar.
    -> Click with the left mouse button on the tab title, hold down and drag the tab to the Bookmarks bar
    -> release the mouse button
    Now the link to the site is saved.

    --- With smartphone
    -> Tap the browser menu icon at the top
    -> Touch the star
    The site is saved in the bookmarks.

  • Delete from bookmarks

    --- With desktop
    -> Right click on the label in the Bookmarks Bar
    -> Left click on delete.
    Now the site link is deleted.

    --- With smartphone
    -> Open the browser menu
    -> Tap the Bookmarks line
    -> Keep your finger on the line you want to delete as long as a window opens
    -> Tap the Delete option
    The site link is deleted.

Internet sites need to advertise and show their products to new customers.
Even porn sites do that.
Many sites publish videos, photos and animated images in a part of their site for free without requiring any registration or password, to attract new visitors.

In many cases, free videos and images are shown only in a limited way.
Other times videos and photos available for free are hidden and reachable only from the menus of other sites.
If we want to find the film of an actor or a specific actress, we must learn how to search the internet with all the possible techniques.

If, later, you also want to pay a small amount for videos that are of particular interest to you, this short course will always be useful for managing photos, videos and animated images that you have downloaded to your computer or phone.


This site is dedicated to those who are not experts in computer science, but several chapters can also be useful to those who know how to use computers, tablets and smartphones, to discover some little-known secrets. Each lesson consists of a single chapter.

Here you can learn everything you need.
Download, archive and edit photos, animated images, videos and movies, keep a private file hidden, prevent unauthorized people from seeing your videos or photos, secure deletion of the history in the most popular browsers, tricks to use anonymous windows browser, know how to avoid risks such as hackers, viruses, malware, troyan, etc.
You will come to know the secrets to navigate the Dark Web and how to defend yourself from the scams of the network.

Watching movies and photos on the internet is one of the most requested activities in the world. For this reason these websites are the target of hackers and scammers to the detriment of users.
In some cases it is useful to have more technical information to be able to avoid non-voluntary payments, to know the possible scams or the tricks used by the managers of honest websites to push you to buy their service.

We do not intend to teach how to spread viruses, scam or steal information.
On the contrary, we want to show in a simple way how these techniques are used, in order to make you understand quickly when you are about to be deceived.